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Topes de Collantes Nature Reserve is a nature reserve park in the Escambray Mountains range in Cuba. It also refers to the third highest peak in the reserve, where a small settlement and tourist center is located, all sharing the same name.


Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve is situated at the on the east side of the mountain range of Guaniguanico, enclosed by Pinar del Rio and Havana’s provinces of Cuba, where both northern and southern coasts can be observed. It covers an area of 26,686 hectares. This asset shows a complex geological structure, with a great diversity of stones that create diverse and particular soils, which partly, define flora endemism in its scenery.


The Mogotes de Jumagua are a set of 8 elevated limestone features (Spanish: Mogotes) in the Villa Clara Province of Cuba. They are located within the orographic group Heights of the Northwest in the center-north of the Island of Cuba, two kilometers south-west from the city of Sagua la Grande. They pinnacles are of Upper Cretaceous age and are fused to each other, presenting enormous caverns. They have great scientific interest due to the enormous concentration of flora and fauna in a relatively reduced area, forming an ecological small barren island.